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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Indoor and Outdoor Thermometers

July 10, 2023

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The accuracy of temperature monitoring is crucial for various settings, whether it’s maintaining a comfortable indoor environment or monitoring outdoor conditions. In this comprehensive roundup, we will compare and evaluate four top thermometers available on Amazon. Each thermometer offers unique features and benefits, catering to different preferences and requirements. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and choose the thermometer that best suits your needs.

Springfield Indoor Outdoor Big Bold Thermometer

The Springfield Indoor Outdoor Big Bold Thermometer is a reliable option designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Here are some key details about this thermometer:

Special FeatureHigh Accuracy
Display TypeAnalog
Temperature Range-60°F/120°F and -50°C/50°C
Included ComponentsThermometer

Key Features:

  • Weather-resistant and shatterproof construction for durability.
  • Large, easy-to-read numbers and a bright red pointer for quick temperature readings.
  • Battery-free operation eliminates the need for frequent battery changes.

Customers have praised this thermometer for its lightweight design, easy installation, and good value for money.

ThermoPro Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless TP200B

The ThermoPro TP200B is a wireless thermometer that allows you to monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures with ease. Let’s take a closer look at its features:

Remote RangeUp to 500 feet
Supports SensorsUp to 3 outdoor temperature sensors
Rainproof DesignYes

Key Features:

  • Wireless transmission range of up to 500 feet, providing flexibility in sensor placement.
  • Supports multiple outdoor temperature sensors, allowing you to monitor various locations.
  • Rainproof design ensures accurate outdoor temperature readings, even on rainy days.
  • Compact LCD displays show indoor and outdoor temperature with high accuracy.
  • Offers multiple placement options, including a tabletop stand, metal surface magnet, or hanging mount.

The ThermoPro TP200B has received positive customer reviews, with users appreciating its wireless capabilities, accuracy, and versatility.

Taylor Big and Bold Wall Thermometer

The Taylor Big and Bold Wall Thermometer combines classic style with functionality. Here’s what you need to know about this thermometer:

Average Rating4.1 out of 5 stars based on 13,402 ratings
Temperature Range-60ºF to 120ºF (-50ºC to 50ºC)
Display TypeAnalog

Key Features:

  • Extra-large 13.25-inch display for easy reading from a distance.
  • Shatterproof lens ensures durability in harsh weather conditions.
  • High-accuracy precision thermometer coil provides accurate temperature readings.
  • Easy installation with a built-in hanger.
  • Battery-free operation.

The Taylor Big and Bold Wall Thermometer has received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars from 13,402 ratings. Customers appreciate its easy readability, ease of installation, and lightweight design. However, some customers have mentioned that it may not offer the best value for money.

ThermoPro TP62 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Weather Hygrometer

The ThermoPro TP62 is a feature-packed wireless thermometer with weather and humidity monitoring capabilities. Let’s delve into its specifications and features:

Average Rating4.3 out of 5 stars based on 5,708 ratings
Dimensions3.6 x 2.95 x 0.7 inches
Mounting TypeTabletop

Key Features:

  • Highly accurate readings for temperature and humidity, accurate to ±2°F and ±2 to 3%RH.
  • Wireless transmission range of 200ft/60m for flexible sensor placement.
  • Large backlit LCD display with touch-sensitive frame for easy navigation.
  • Displays indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity with trend arrows and max/min records.
  • User-friendly with front-facing buttons and multiple placement options (tabletop, wall-mountable, magnetic back design).
  • Additional sensors available for monitoring different locations.

The ThermoPro TP62 has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 5,708 ratings.

FILL AWAY Thermometer

The FILL AWAY thermometer offers adaptability and convenience in temperature monitoring. Let’s explore its features and benefits:

Size10 Inch
ColorBlack 10″
Special FeatureWaterproof
Outer MaterialPlastic, Acrylic
Display TypeAnalog

Key Features:

  • Waterproof outdoor thermometer with a temperature range of -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F).
  • Automatic calibration without the need for batteries.
  • Easy-to-read bold lettering and large numbers.
  • Keyhole on the back for easy wall hanging.
  • Suitable for use in various locations, such as greenhouses, warehouses, offices, and more.
  • Comes with a 180-day quality guarantee.

The FILL AWAY thermometer has gained positive reviews. Customers appreciate its adaptability, easy readability, and versatility.


In this comprehensive Amazon roundup, we compared and evaluated four top thermometers for indoor and outdoor use. Each thermometer offers unique features and benefits, catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether you prioritize accuracy, wireless capabilities, large displays, or adaptability, there’s a thermometer on this list for you.

Consider the Springfield Indoor Outdoor Big Bold Thermometer if you need a durable and accurate option with a traditional analog display. If wireless monitoring and multiple sensors are important to you, the ThermoPro TP200B and TP62 are excellent choices. For a classic wall thermometer with an extra-large display, the Taylor Big and Bold Wall Thermometer is worth considering. Lastly, the FILL AWAY thermometer offers adaptability and easy installation in various locations.

Make your decision based on your specific needs and preferences, and enjoy accurate temperature monitoring in both indoor and outdoor environments.